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About Us

Make the most of your job search or your upcoming job interview by enlisting the career counseling services from Before the Interview. Located in Los Angeles, California, our firm is committed to teaching you the latest strategies and techniques for conducting your search and for what employers are searching for. We shake the notion that all you need to do is submit your resume and you'll get the job. For in today's world, it is about being found for a job, and we help you discover how to do just that.

Our History

Our company was founded by Bernie Reifkind, who drew on his expertise in the executive search and talent acquisition industry. He noticed that there were mid-management personnel and executives who found themselves without jobs due to changes in their companies. They never had to look for work before and now needed assistance navigating today's job field. Mr. Reifkind started this company to help with resume building, career guidance, job search strategies and job interview coaching.

Our Founder

Bernie Reifkind is the CEO of Premier Search, Inc™, a leading executive search and talent acquisition firm. Since his founding of Premier Search, more than 20 years ago, Mr. Reifkind has become nationally known as an expert in the placement process. He is highly regarded for his professional skills and educational best-practices articles. Additionally, Mr. Reifkind has been a career counselor to CEOs, mid-management, and college graduates across the country and is well respected for the passion he has for improving the lives of those he works with. Personally, he has been responsible for more than 2,200 job placements in his career.