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Discover the strategies and techniques that companies are looking for in a new hire, thanks to career counseling from Before the Interview, of Los Angeles, California. Our preparation service gets you ready for any stage of the interview. Each session is about 120 minutes long and can exponentially increase your odds of landing your next job. Whether you're just starting out or an established veteran, our team tailors the services to suit your requirements.

Winning Strategies To Land Your Next Job

To be candid, the way we as a society go about looking for a job has dramatically changed. Along with it, so has the art of successful interviewing. Thankfully, our team has the knowledge that you're looking for. Because we've worked on both sides of the desk—applicants and hiring managers—we're able to coach you on the right things to say and do, so you'll stand out from the rest.  

Focusing on Today's Hiring Trends

The key aspects of job searching and interviewing is to understand the current hiring trends and to take advantage of them. This is why it is not just about who you know, but what you know. Hence when you meet with one of our team members they share at least 10 current, real-world ideas and strategies. This can be done over the phone or Skype™.

Coaching sessions include:
What Your Resume Really Says About You - A Comprehensive Resume Review | Alleviate any Pre-Interview Nervousness, Anxiety, and Pressure with One Simple Formula | Increase Your Odds of Being Hired by Using Four Common Sense Applications | The Proven Strategy to Increase Your Chances of Being Hired by 70% | The One Question to Ask an Employer to Control the Interview | Master the Concept of "Transferrable Skills" by Invoking a Key American Accomplishment | The Single Most Important Asset that Employers Look For | How to Handle the Money Question | How to Ask for the Job by not Asking for the Job | How to Write a Powerful Thank You Note with Only Four Sentences

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