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A Resume Is What You’ve Done, An Interview Is Who You Are

The sole purpose of a resume is to create an opportunity to interview for a job or a promotion. A resume is a critical document.  What story does a resume tell?  Whether you are an employer or a candidate, does a resume ever tell the entire tale of who someone is? 

No, it does not.  A resume describes what someone has done.   A resume is a calling card, a track record, a performance snapshot of a career, so far. Of course, one can read into a resume about someone’s career choices which then could lead to a possible.......

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Boss and Employee

Asking For A Raise? 5 Critical Things To Consider

One of the most challenging aspects of our work life is asking for a raise. If maneuvered correctly, then the chances of success are exceedingly high.

If maneuvered incorrectly, then there could be a potential train wreck of awkwardness.

We all want to earn more money and let’s never forget that we live in the USA, the land of opportunity. Everyone should be able to earn as much as they possibly can.

Some people resent that top athletes and top entertainers are paid outrageous sums of money.

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Shushing Lady

10 Things That Recruiters Won't Tell You

The telephone is the most important tool that a recruiter has. Recruiters use every technological Internet advantage while conducting a search, but ultimately it all boils down to the phone and more importantly: how one communicates over the phone. Phone presence is key. Knowing when to speak and when to be silent, knowing how to speak with clarity, humility and humor is critical. Communicating integrity over the phone is a gift. But you need a phone!

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Wellness Plans: Do you have a career wellness plan?

As America discusses our national health care plan, many bright people have concluded that a large part of the discussion should be about wellness planning.

Do you have a career wellness plan? Here are 5 steps to a successful program:

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Man calling on his phone

Here are 4 things to do right now if you are over 50 and have lost your job:

  1. Adopt the mindset of being “between jobs”- It is empowering to adopt the mindset that you are not unemployed but you are simply “between jobs.” This is an absolute fact. Take a look at the big picture of your life-you have certainly worked before- so there is a 100% chance that you will work again. Maybe not at the same type of work, or the same title or even the same salary: but you will work again. So never believe for a split second that you are unemployed- because you are not. You are temporarily between jobs. The proof is in looking back at your working life.

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Young Man

College Degree: Credibility to Interview

With regard to your career, how important is it to go to college? Do you really need (at least) a Baccalaureate degree?  It is doubtful that anyone would disagree that a strong education is significant to compete in today’s work environment.

However, how important is a BS or BA degree from a reputable college or university?

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