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How to Really Search For a New Job

For job seekers the new now is to actively put more emphasis on trying to “be found” along with the traditional methods of searching for new employment.

Of course, one should continue posting resumes to job boards in fact there’s a whole slew of free online job boards. Let others know of your “availability” rather than seeking employment.

The strategy that one should now begin to employ is to be found.


The goal here is to appear as someone that should be heard or found as either an expert in their field or someone with good ideas.

Think about this for a moment.  Employers are looking to hire someone to solve a need that they have and they are looking for the best talent available.

Appear as the expert and worthy of someone else reaching out to you to connect or comment.

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Provide value.

Most importantly be transparent in searching for a new job.  It is not necessary to let someone know in a public forum that one is searching for a job or needs something.

Be transparent, be valuable, be persistent as you attempt to be found.

Think back on when we were children and we found something unexpected, perhaps a coin on the street or a “treat” mixed into a box of cereal, we got excited!

“Hey!!!! Look what I just found!!!!!”  It was a surprise.

The same principle can easily be applied to one’s job search.  Imagine the excitement of a future employer when they find a surprise that they had not even looked for. Make yourself the surprise.

Are you ready to be found?

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