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Are you conducting a job search?

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We'll teach you the secrets to a successful job search.

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The Secret to a Successful Job Search.

Job searching and feeling stuck?

Searching for a new job can be stressful and painful. 

  • Did you know that there is a winning job search and interviewing strategy that anyone can learn quickly?
  • What if you could exponentially increase your odds of landing your next interview by investing at least 20 minutes of your time?
  • Our price for a coaching session? Less than the cost of a new interview outfit!

It’s All About Being Found

How do you become found?

  • By promoting awareness of your "brand", which is of course:  you.
  • Promoting your brand is very different than conducting a job search.

 I'll help you design an extremely powerful job seeking campaign based on your "brand." If you do not know what your brand is, I can help you discover it. Immediately. 

Then: You Need a Winning Interview Strategy

Did you know that the first 60 seconds of an interview determines the outcome - even if an interview lasts an hour? You need to make that first minute count!


Interview Prep

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The Secret to a Successful Job Search.

About Before the Interview

Based in Los Angeles, California, our company focuses on helping people who are searching for new opportunities or entering the job market by teaching you "How To Be Found" formulas proven successful interview preparation strategies and resume writing.

We understand how employers locate and hire new workers. This is why we offer a service that helps you and your application stand out from the rest on web-based sites, such as LinkedIn™.

Our team teaches you the same high-level strategies that corporate professionals—such as C suite executives—use in their interviews. Everything we do is backed by more than 20 years of experience in the career service field.

Our cost? Less than what you paid for your best interview suit.

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